Happy Hour 3pm to 7pm

BoGo Selected Drinks & Special Prices Food

Drinks (BoGo)

BEERS (BOTTLE) $ 7.00​


Veza Sur (Mango)


Bud Light


PROSECO (FRANCE) Glass $11.00

WINES Glass $11.00


Pinot Noir/ Chile

Merlot/ Chile

Malbec/ Chile

Cabernet Sauvignon/ Chile

Bordeaux/ France


Sauvignon Blanc/ Chile

Pinot Grigio/ Chile

Chardonnay/ Chile

Moscato/ Italy

SAKES  $18.00

House Sake Cold or Hot

$4.00 ea


(Soy seans, salt or spicy)

Seaweed Salad

(Variations seaweed mixed w sesame oil)

$7.50 ea

Karage Chicken

(Pieces breaded Chx)

California Roll

(Kani, Avocado & Cucumber)

Spicy Tuna Roll

(Spicy Tuna & Cucumber)

Spicy Salmon

(Salmon, Cucumber & Spicy powder)

$9.50 ea

Rock Shrimp

(Pieces shrimp tempura & Spicy mayo)

$11.95 ea

Carpaccio Salmon

(Slice of Salmon, Ponzu Sauce, Spicy Mayo & Truffle oil)

Magma Roll

(Salmon ,scallions ,topped w tuna and spicy mayo) 

Crunchy Monster

(Spicy Tuna, avocado, topped with crunchy tempura,

spicy mayo and Eel sauce)

Shaggy's Dog

(Shrimp tempura, avocado topped w Kani Kama,

scallions and spicy mayo)

Hot Philadelphia (Tempura Roll)

(Salmon & Cream Cheese)